nedeľa 7. júna 2015


Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would do something different. I am going to share what I was doing on weekend.

We went to our cottage in Slovak Paradise/Slovenský Raj. On Friday, I was at school and then we went there. I was in all day and I was working out.


On Saturday, me and my dad went on a 15km hike. I took some pictures but when I asked my dad to take pictures of me, he did not know how to use camera, so the pictures are not in focus. My dad is cute, He tried guys.


 Me again.

On Sunday, I was just packing my things, relaxing and cleaning the house. Oh and also I went running when I got back home.

Beautiful balcony.

So that is everything for today. I know my weekend was not really exciting, but it was chill. How did you spend your weekend? Were you relaxing? Let me know!


6 komentárov:

  1. Such beautiful pictures!

    Once we will hike there together :-*

  2. Pobyty na chatě jsou nejlepší, to miluji nade vše :)

  3. Fantastic post and have a happy weekend :)

  4. pekný článok a naozaj krásne fotky! :).
    môj otec síce nemá nejaký veľký skill, ale fotí ma hlavne on, takže je takým mojím fotografom, za čo som vďačná, že to aspoň niekto dokáže :D.

    Kejmy ♥.