sobota 3. septembra 2016


Hello everybody! Are you excited for my fall series? I have done it last year and I have truly enjoyed it.

This is the first "autumn" related post, although the pictures were taken in summer. It was colder that day so..pssst. Me and my friend went on a little trip and we had a nice time. I only have three pictures which is sad, but when doing these series I will try to take more pictures and create better content. I hope you are excited as much as I am.

I am wearing cropped Bershka jeans along with a flannel from F&F and Deichmann shoes. The blue sweater I am wearing in the 2nd picture is from H&M and my "bag" (I guess) is from here, however I am not quite sure if it is still available. :)


Fave song atm!


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