nedeľa 16. októbra 2016


Hello, everyone! How are you today?


I've been absent on my blog recently because of health problems. It had gotten much worse two weeks ago and I ended up going to the doctors this week, so I missed out in school again. I wasn't having a good time really, even tho I didn't go to school.

Frankly, I did think about my blog. I hung out with my boyfriend yesterday and he was kind enough to take pictures of me.

Fall season is a season for all black witchy outfits and that's why I'm serving you this black look featuring my new bomber jacket. Excitement. I must admit I love my original harrington more, tho. Nonetheless, I am in love with this dark outfit so I hope you will be too!

 Spot my bomber jacket.

 When we're good they never remember and when we're bad they never forget!


Outfit info:
Bomber- H&M
Hoodie- ?? my brother's
Shirt- New Yorker
Dress- H&M
Bag or whatever- Vans
Beanie- C&A
Shoes- Deichmann

Title: King 810- eyes (sleep it all away) I wasn't able to add the video here, I'm sorry.

What colours do you like to wear in the autumn season? Do you like bomber jackets? Let me know!


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