pondelok 6. apríla 2015



Yes, weekend, turn up...

I am on my "Easter break", which ends tomorrow. And I am lazy shit basically, so here you can see my lazy outfit, which I have been wearing for a past couple of weeks.  It really does not matter what is under the hoodie, because it is too cold, to take it off. Enjoy:

I hate myself..
Jacket- Resistance, but you cannot get it, because this brand is not allowed to be sold anymore. But luckily, other brands like Lonsdale sells these jackets/bombers. Be careful when you wear them!;)
Hoodie- Everlast
Bag- H&M
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- H&M (I kinda love H&M)

What have you been doing on your spring/easter break? Let me know!


6 komentárov:

  1. ahoj mas super blog a velmi sa mi pacia tvoje outfity! mohla by si ich davat castejsie na blog :)

  2. Once ill get this jacket and ill never take it off. Like literally i need it in my life

    Ps: u r a beautiful human being

    1. You would look amazing babe, you can pull off anything!
      Ps: you are. Miss you.