piatok 11. septembra 2015


Dear diary,

I am writing to you while watching some Lily Melrose vlogs. It's friday, so I have some free time for myself. This week was quite hectic and to be honest, I don't remember much of it, because of the stress and anxiety. It happens to me quite a lot. I just forget things and..it sucks. The only thing I can remember is when I did yoga with my friend M. I love yoga, it's very calming and if you are very stressed, it will definitely help you. After the yoga we meditated for a little.

As I said, this week was hectic and I realized a lot of things. As I was waiting for my friend to get out of the toilet the other day, I realized that this is my new reality. These people. This school. This place. To tell you the truth, I was sad about that. Do you know why? Some people in my class hate me. It's not like I care a lot or anything, it just bothers me how they are laughing at me and hating on me FOR NO REASON. Do I deserve it or what? I don't understand. It is acutally funny, because these people don't even know me.

But on the other hand, I think I can deal with it. I have my friends and I am happy with them. Why would I waste my time on someone  who doesn't deserve it? I have other impornant things to do.

Another thing is, I will take extra french classes. I signed up on Thursday with my friend M and her boyfriend A. I can't wait. The classes start on 29th of September. I really do need to improve my French.

I remember walking down the city. I don't know the day or time. I just remember walking down the street and watching other people. I was looking at the trees and the leaves, kind of hoping them to change colours soon. I was watching people in hoodies. I felt autumn in the air. I felt happiness in my heart and smile on my face. And in that moment, I wasn't afraid of depression and school anymore. It was just me living in the moment and breathing fresh air.

How are you doing lately? How's school? Let me know!


2 komentáre:

  1. Nechápu, proč někdo bezdůvodně může nenávidět. Vždyť nenávist člověka užírá. Děláš dobře, že si jich nevšímáš.
    Taky potřebuji zlepšit francouzštinu. Učila jsem se jí od základů na střední, pak znovu od základů na vysoké a pořád ji neumím. :D

    1. Neviem možno sa snažia skryť vlastnú neistotu. Ale žiť v nenávisti by som nechcela.