štvrtok 31. augusta 2017


Hello! How are you doing?

Yet another ootd? I know. They are getting boring. I'll try to post about makeup as well in the near future as well writing a bit more about my personal life. Next post is going to be about my trip to Spis Castle and get ready for shit tons of pictures! I'm excited.

How are your last days of summer going? I'm actually quite happy, which doesn't happen that often. I'm trying not to think about school and stress about how hard the next year is going to be. I'm graduating this year and let me tell ya...I'm certainly not ready! :D

So dramatic

Pictures taken by my love @davidkoo158. Check out his new blog here: id-pics.blogspot.sk

Outfit info:
Crop top- H&M
Skirt- Orsay
Shoes- H&M
Sack- not available
Necklace- gift, but I think it's from E-bay

Title: Rae Sremmund- No Type

Social media: follow my personal ig @jayypam and @valleyofthedollss1

Normally, I never wear these kinds of outfits because they don't suit my style, but I tried it and it was okay. I mean, it's not anything special, but at least it's a nice change from jeans.

What do you like to wear in hot weather? Let me know!


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