pondelok 9. októbra 2017


Hello, dollies! How are you?


I'm back with another ootd. I'm not as active as I used to because my school's been stressing me out and somehow I got injured in the month of September and I can't really walk so that's fun. I haven't been enjoying autumn as much as I used to and that is because I'm crazy busy and if I'm not, then I'm tired of being so busy. You know, it's a vicious circle, you can't really help it.

Enough of this boring talk. Let's get to the outfit! I went for an old school skinhead vibe inspired by the 90s (UK skinheads to be exact). Yes, I know I'm not wearing galluses which is the epidemy of an old school skinhead, but in my defense I forgot about them and I wasn't trying to recreate their outfits. I was just inspired. :D You get me right?

 My editing program lowers quality so much. It makes me so sad!


Amazing metallic nail polish from Miss Sporty.

Outfit info:
Jacket- Resistance (it's a forbidden brand, but you can get harrington jacket like this from Lonsdale!)
Tee- C&A
Baggy pants- ??
Shoes- Deichmann
Belt- ?? F&F probably

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Title: Daniele Bregoli- Roll In Peace

What do you like to wear in the autumn season? Let me know!


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