nedeľa 4. októbra 2015


Hello lovelies! How are you? :)

Today I have a favourites post for you. I haven't done this kind of post in a long time, mainly because I wasn't sure if you'd like it and I don't try a lot of new products. But on the other hand, I find these posts/videos quite interesting. I hope you like it.

 My first favourite is this Extra Wow Lash mascara by Rimmel London. I got it for Christmas from my friend and I wasn't a fan of it. But now I am, because it's a lash building mascara, which means you can build up the volume and lenght. You can make it natural for school/day time or you can make it dramatic for a night out.

 My second favourite is this bold berry lipstick from Rimmel London. I think I've showed it to you in other post. It's basically dark berry toned lipstick. Love it.

 The next favourite is this Base and top coat from Miss Sporty. I love painting my nails and taking care of them, that's why I bought this little guy. This really helps with staying power of any nail polish. I really do recommend it.

 Fave nail polish is this one by Miss Sporty. I did wear different colours but this one was my favourite. It kind of changes colour.

 I love reading books. This month I read The woman without a number by Iby Knill. It's very interesting and catchy. It's about a woman which was in Auschwitz, It's kind of sad and rough at the same time. Beware.
And lastly, this green tea from Julius Meinl. I take green tea to school everyday, because it's very good for you and also it wakes you up. :)

As for Tv shows I have been loving Glee and Awkward.

Some of my favourite songs:

What are your favourites? Let me know!


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  1. Tu řasenku mám a taky jsem si ji postupně moc oblíbila. :) Mám ráda takové příspěvky. :))